Make the world
your studio

At Wacom we're driven to create tools that help our community push the boundaries of their creativity, and it's our community who inspired us to push those boundaries even further. We know your creativity knows no limits, and now it has a powerful new companion.

Step out and sketch
on the go

No need to be at your computer to enjoy the premium creative experience of working with a Cintiq anymore. The Cintiq Companion Hybrid is both a Cintiq pen display and an Android tablet, giving you the freedom to sketch concepts, develop characters, draw and paint with Android creative apps at the coffee shop, in the park, on the subway, or anywhere you feel creative.

Or bring your studio
with you

Present, create, collaborate from anywhere with the Cintiq Companion. It's your complete professional creative companion, giving you the power to brainstorm with teammates and clients from anywhere, with the full power and performance of a Cintiq at your side.

Everything you need
to create

Since the Cintiq Companion is both your computer and your Cintiq, it's everything you need for your creative profession and lifestyle. Create and edit stunning visuals on set, at the photo shoot, or even at the park, all with your full-featured creative software.

All you need to stay connected

Both the Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion Hybrid come complete with everything you'd expect from a tablet, including dual facing HD cameras, Wifi, Bluetooth®, and speakers - giving you complete access to email, social media and the cloud, so you can share and collaborate wherever you are.

Which companion is right for you?

Cintiq Companion

Perfect for creative professionals who want access to the full power of their Cintiq and their favorite creative software from anywhere.

Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Perfect for creative people who work primarily at their computer and want the flexibility to sketch on the go with their favorite Android apps.

Cintiq Companion

A powerful Windows 8 professional
creative tablet that makes the whole
world your studio.

Explore Cintiq Companion

Cintiq Companion Hybrid

A two-in-one Cintiq and Android
tablet that you can use as your
sketchpad on the go.

Explore Cintiq Companion Hybrid

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Thank you for inspiring us
to create the Cintiq Companion